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In an ever more competitive and modern renewable energy market, it essential that wind farms are continuously managed as highly productive profit centres. It is necessary to strategically improve efficiency, optimize capacity and minimize costs whilst maintaining high reliability at all times in order to be and stay competitive, especially as your wind farm develops further.

MWPS GLOBAL is your first choice premium service provider in the renewable wind energy sector.

Asset Management


What happens when wind turbine parts fail or come out of warranty? Do you have a comprehensive strategy in place to avoid the downtime, lost output, disruption and perhaps penalties which can ensue?

Like any piece of electro-mechanical equipment, wind turbines will fail at some point – it’s not a question of if but when. As wind turbines come out of their warranty periods operators face a number of dilemmas. Should they replace the failed part or repair it? Has the part been discontinued or is it difficult to source? Does technical documentation still exist for that part? Why did the part fail – this may require detailed investigation and analysis by experienced engineers and technicians to establish the root cause. Are there performance issues with a particular part? Several factors are vital when developing a solution to ensure turbine repairs are carried out swiftly and efficiently so as to minimise downtime and disruption to operations.

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Asset Recovery


MWPS is specialized in marketing, promoting and asset recovery within the wind power sector with a focus on used and second hand wind turbines in the MegaWatt Range.

Our clients benefit from our expertise in the world-wide trade of large scale wind turbine assets and established network of 'expertise' affiliated partners, propagated by our well establish web-based presence. We maintain an extensive database of worldwide registered clients, actively looking to purchase new or used wind turbines of all types and sizes, including investors in search for complete wind farm projects which we serve with regular product targeted mail shot updates.

This unique network allows MWPS to achieve the highest possible sales price for your wind power technologies and maximizes capital recovery for our re-powering clients by pro-actively driving communications and negotiations between seller and prospective buyers until close of deal.



“MWPS' innovative solutions, expertise and worldwide network of affiliated partners will help you achieve your business goals and successes. Our proven knowledge of the wind industry can aid your project, accomplishing a positive renewable environmental impact"
— Ralph Ruppert, CEO


MWPS has been established since 2008, acquiring essential experience in the wind industry. Our recognized solutions will help you maximize recovery of your initial investment, hence assisting your cash flow and financing future generating assets. With MWPS your project will be profitable in a significantly shorter time frame. Whether it’s managing the decommissioning of your plant, sourcing prospective purchasers or the relocation of abandoned or excess machinery, MWPS GLOBAL is the first choice partner in any Asset Recovery Project.


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