In an ever more competitive and modern renewable energy business environment, it is of absolute essence that wind farms are continuously managed as highly productive profit centers and it is necessary to strategically improve efficiency, optimize capacity, minimize costs and maintain high reliability at all times in order to be and stay competitive - especially when your wind farm comes of age.

MWPS has gained huge experience in exactly this area since 2008 and developed solutions that can help you to maximize the recovery of your initial investment in your existing plant when it comes to repowering, hence assisting your cash flow and the financing of your future generating assets and making the same easier and more profitable in a shorter time frame.

Whether you only change individual components of your plant or adapt a complete re-design of your machine park, MWPS can deliver solutions and concepts to help you to replace or dispose your existing equipment in an efficient and timely manner and to maximum financial satisfaction. We offer you the proven performance of a global marketing platform specialized in asset recovery and can provide the premium service you would expect when outsourcing the managment of your replacement or disposal project.

Let MWPS help you with our innovative solutions and benefit from our expertise and worldwide network of affiliated partners in the wind industry to continue your business success and achieve the desired goal of your project for a solid and renewed environmental impact

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